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Running a successful CCTV surveillance system company means covering every angle. Protecting businesses from vandalism, theft, shrink, and fraud, the mere presence of a standard CCTV security camera system is certain to have an impact. Add to that, a business with the ability to select from a variety of crucial surveillance system services like DVR Health Monitoring, Virtual Monitoring, and Instant Notifications that report pending DVR data overages or possible system errors via email or text alerts, is a business with the power to protect its investment.
























We manufacture a full line of 4, 8, 16 and 32 Channel PC based Digital Video Recorders for security applications. We offer three levels of performance designed to fit every need and budget. The criteria by which we judge our success is simple...customer satisfaction through long term relationships.


Our custom designed, embedded operating system runs on a solid state drive for optimum reliability. Our easy to use interfaces for live, search and remote viewing will be familiar within minutes. We know you are relying on us to make investing in a professionally installed surveillance system a great decision


We offer:

  • Consultation for appropriate surveillance system for customer’s needs
  • Installation of a complete security system including cameras, DVR, LCD monitor, etc.
  • Installation & support for commercial spaces such as warehouses, offices, schools, as well as residential



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    A commitment to customer service excellence guarantees a quick turn around on all repairs. A top notch staff of rigorously trained CCTV technicians performing maintenance extends the life of any CCTV video surveillance monitoring system. Cost effective upgrades when needed are always an option. Secured in an off site facility resistant to damage by water or fire, a client's data is always safe.  
    Expertly installed and thoroughly maintained, a typical CCTV camera security system is fraught with difficulties beyond what a traditional camera endures. Possible attacks by vandals, extreme lighting and weather conditions, and challenging home or work space environments requiring discrete camera placement are all considerations the CCTV expert must resolve. Consuming all fields of view and angles is paramount. But, a video monitoring surveillance system is only useful and cost effective if it's installation is done properly and up to code. Striking the balance, a placement must be both aesthetically appropriate and installed where it can be reliably serviced in the future. 


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    "I want to thank you and your staff for your exceptional service. You have always sent knowledgeable, polite techs to help us through our computer problems. We couldn't run our business without your outstanding support and expertise. Keep up the great work!" 

      - Robert Smith, Smith & Associates


    "Thank you for all your expertise and prompt attention to our needs over these past two and a half years. Your outstanding team has consistently been available and helpful. I would recommend your services to all." 

    Patricia Jones, PJS, Inc.


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